Friday, April 13, 2007

A New Vision, Continued

Initiatives: HCT has several initiatives underway or proposed:
  1. Friends of Preservation Newsletter: The FOP Newsletter is the voice of preservation in the County. We seek news items from preservation and historic associations around the county.
  2. Newell Post: The Newell Post is the Trust’s architectural salvage effort. Salvage is a Trust prerogative per County legislation. Income from the Newell Post helps to sustain the Trust. Currently this is managed by Trustee Jack Thompson as a labor of love, but he needs help.
  3. Addison Chapel & Trust Headquarters: PGCHCT has stewardship over two properties, the historic Addison Chapel in Seat Pleasant and a 1-acre parcel that contains our new headquarters building. We need to manage these assets to best serve the preservation community.
  4. African American Education Heritage: Our Rosenwald School marker program seeks to raise the profile of endangered historic school building for the 9 extant Rosenwald school buildings in the County. We hope to expand this effort to share the story of African American empowerment and education and make this relevant for a modern audience by developing other materials such as posters and curricula.
  5. Rural Sites Preservation, Rural Tier, Tobacco Barns: Southern Maryland tobacco barns were recently identified on the National Trust’s most endangered list. The establishment of a Rural Tier in Prince George’s County along the Patuxent River and at Broad Creek was designed to give the County time to establish smart growth planning for these areas and to preserve rural character, historic assets and farms jeopardized by unplanned growth. The Trust is seeking ways to support these efforts.
  6. Sprawl/Smart Growth: Similarly, PG County is both blessed and cursed by lack of development. We are currently evaluating ways to address this issue and influence our lawmakers to take a measured sustainable approach to growth.
  7. Historic Waterways: Broad Creek and the Patuxent River are both gateways to the Chesapeake and important historic waterways. We hope to support, preserve, and enhance these areas.
  8. Historic Areas: Organizations like Broad Creek Historic District Advisory Committee (Fort Washington), Aman Memorial Trust (Bladensburg), as well as historic associations in Laurel, Greenbelt, Hyattsville, North Brentwood, Mt Rainier, and College Park all have issues that require our support.
  9. Heritage in the Community Poster Project: The Trust is planning to develop a series of thematically linked professionally produced posters promoting heritage issues. Topics might include Rosenwald Schools, African American Heritage Sites (as well as Native American, Rural, Hispanic, etc.); Historic Museums and Properties; Historic Districts; County History; Anacostia Trails; etc.
  10. The State of Preservation: Starting this year the Trust will prepare a summary of the year’s preservation efforts in conjunction with its annual report.

Alfonso A. Narvaez, Chair

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