Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mildred Ridgely-Gray Honored by NAACP

One of our own Trustees was honored this past weekend by the Prince George's County Chapter of the NAACP. Mildred Ridgley-Gray, seen here with June White-Dillard, president of the local chapter, received an award at the NAACP's Annual Freedom Fund Banquet, where the theme was "Women Who Are Making a Difference".

From the souvenir book: "Mildred Ridgley-Gray is a retired educator, conservationist, philanthropist, civic leader and devout Christian, inter alia, having been recognized by many civic organizations for her contributions to society."

The Mildred Ridgley-Gray Charitable Trust, Inc. was established in 2001 to bring public awareness to the historical background of a community in Prince George's County formerly known as Ridgeley, Ridgely or Ridgley. The mission of the Trust is to research family histories and institutions, to maintain the Arthur and Mary Ridgley house, to support the preservation of the Historic Ridgely United Methodist Church and Cemetary, and the Historic Ridgeley School, among other things. The school is one of 23 Rosenwald schools, of which nine still exist in the County.