Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Grand Tour of Prince George's Historic Homes


That's the synthesis of my feelings after touring the historic homes here in Prince George's County this past Saturday.

Wow for the sense of history -- a true feeling of walking back in time.

Wow for the beautiful renovation at Bowieville and kudos to the developer for making it happen.

Wow for the beautiful settings, the fabulous furniture, and the impressive architecture.

A special Wow for the lunch provided by the Fellowship Committee at St. Thomas' Parish -- I over-ate just to make sure I sampled everything...even had macaroni and cheese for dessert. And those carrots!

But the biggest Wow -- WOW! -- goes to the homeowners who were so gracious and welcoming. In all the conversations I heard afterwards, everyone mentioned how special it was for the homeowners to open their homes and allow the public to traipse through. How they encouraged us to feel at home. No rushing us through. Happy to answer our questions and point out details.

I want to go back this weekend and do it all over again.

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UU-Mom said...

I agree! And what a good showing for the event! Even in the rain in the afternoon, people continued to come out. Prepare to come to Prince of a County at the William Early house in Sept.